Hello, I’m Oyinda, an odd body who has written everyday since the age of 8. I know I was that age as I tended to keep all my scribblings and had the habit of dating each sheet of paper.

A lot of my work today is from ideas I had during childhood.

I was born in Hampstead, London and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where I climbed trees, rode horses, got chased by wasps and ran around barefoot with my dogs.

In Nigeria, I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s study soaking up every bit of information from encyclopaedias and reading every book, journal and article that was to be read.

Some of my summers and winters were spent in Highgate, where I have some fond memories. I was then sent to school in North Yorkshire in my late teens where I realised my immense dislike for field hockey and outdoor sports.

My mum was kind enough to lend me her typewriter from time to time, and as soon as I was old and competent enough, I had access to computers. However I have always preferred long hand as I connect to the characters and stories better.

When I am not at my writing desk working on my latest manuscript, I like to relax by taking long country hikes with my dogs, horse riding in the woods, sewing and reupholstering furniture.

These days I live in Highgate right by the woods, still write my first draft by hand, drink too much coffee and spend some weekends with my dogs in a log cabin.